Warriors War & Weed Warriors, War & Weed is a podcast dealing with the subject of the warriors what they do subdue the pains of war & how cannabis can heal these pains.

This is just a quck recap of the first few days in California.


Tonight I sit down with a close friend and fellow Navy Corpsman Anthony Cristo. Anthony is a a former reserve side Navy Corpsman, his story is unique because Anthony choose not to enlist until he was 36 years old. He served at my old unit, 4th LAR along side with Max Moore. In 2009 he was scheduled to deploy Afghanistan, but an injury kept him from being mobilized and his replace Xin Qi was one of the KIA’s from that deployment. We talk about struggling with PTSD and survivors guilt.


In todays episode we discuss Psilocybin. This amazing and natural compound is on par with the health benefits of CBD. Having a LD 50 of  280mg/KG of Psilocybin (not the whole dried mushroom which typically contains 1% psilocybin) or for a 150lb person 20 grams of pure compound. 


This compound is nearly chemically identical to Dimethyltryptamine aka DMT but orally investable. As Dennis McKenna put it, it is the perfect psychedelic for humans because it needs no preparation. It has shown to be of huge benefit when used in heroic doses (outline by Terrence McKenna as 5 grams of dried mushrooms) in reseting addiction, PTSD and depression. When used in microdoses (less than 400mg dried mushrooms), it has no psychoactive effects but acts similarly to psychopharmacological Selective Serotonin Reuptake Inhibitors for drug resistant depression & PTSD. There are also studies suggesting it has nurero-regenerative properties. 


Also in this episode we talk about some of the worrying trends of the large organizations such as the NFL and the new Marijuana Czar spreading disinformation about cannabis.


On this episode of Warriors War and Weed, Tommy talks about things outside of cannabis he does to help put his mind at ease. We talk a little bit about Skydiving & Archery but we really talk about his experience in an Isolation Tank this weekend. He talks about the process of going and using the tank and the he talks about the effects of the tank on mood.

PSE Archery: http://pse-archery.com

Gassman’s Archery: https://www.facebook.com/gassmanarchery/

Float San Antonio: http://www.floatsa.com


Tonight we discuss the mighty rally cry for pro-cannabis advocates, Patent #6630507 Cannabis as antioxidants & neuroprotectants in a general terms as we find out this is farther reaching that most think, including being a cardiac protectant and helps with organ transplant sucess. Also we briefly touch on THC-V, an new variant of THC which has been know to help with suppressing appetite and helping with diabetes.

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Back in Texas for the month, on todays show I discussed riding the train, traveling around S.Cal, some political shit, talked about dispensaries in San Anna & Huntington Beach and finally choice.

April 3, 2017  

Max Moore is one of my best friends, we met at 4th LAR in early 2005, he was a Navy Corpsman and Second Class Petty Officer at that time. He deployed to Djibouti before I deployed to Iraq, he was a great tactical medicine mentor. As I did my thing in San Antonio we stayed in touch. He deployed to Afghanistan, the did work with 4th Recon (in San Antonio), and finally he worked medical support for BUD/S in San Diego. 


Once he got out of the Navy, Max had some hard times but found solace in making hand made soap. This led him to create Maxwell’s Soaps a veteran own and run company with the mission of making the best possible environmentally friendly soap possible, with the benefit of giving a bar of soap to the homeless for every bar sold.


Check his stuff out at http://www.dontbenasty.com

You can follow Maxwells Soap on Facebook @maxwellssoap

March 27, 2017  

Today I was able to meet up with a magician, a spiritual thinker, a guru and one of my close friend Joey Martinez. HM2 Martinez, was a United States Navy Hospital Corpsman and served as an 8404; Fleet Marine Forces Corpsman, who deployed to Iraq the rotation prior to my deployment. When he returned he work with animals through an Army research program and the attended Advanced Lab Tech school.

We talked for quite a while about life, philosophy, his personal beliefs and leaving the Navy. We also talked about dealing with PTSD after struggling to keep it suppressed while dealing with transitioning out of the military. We got into his beliefs on cannabis use and how it didn't heal him but helped lay a functioning ground work to healing. We also talked about mushrooms and the potential for personal breakthroughs.

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March 20, 2017  

Talking about how to battle the darkness that settles in after we separate from the services.

March 13, 2017  

Tonight we go over some of the language we are going to use during the podcast such as THC vs CBD vs CBN, magic mushrooms, MDMA and microdosing. We will also talk briefly about H.R. 1227


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